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Monday, September 05, 2005

By Request...More Them Anatomies

A while back, I posted the two newer EPs of my songwriting project/alter-ego Them Anatomies (you can find them in the link bar on the right), and I promised I would follow-up with the earlier ones if there was any interest. I've got another EP and a "outake/b-side" collection to post in the future. So, here we go...

These songs comprise "Battlestations" (recorded in Raleigh, NC and Iowa City, IA by me)

1. No Sir, Francis Bacon
2. Garden Needs Weedin'
3. Toenails
4. Hard Postcard
5. Pieces of Skylab
6. Pneumatic Concerns
7. Transmission to Dark Planet
8. Space Debt Cadet
9. Tee Pee