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Simul justus et peccator

Monday, May 09, 2005

William Perkins sez...

"And this is the common fault of the world: men [sic] that lightly regard and slackely performe the duties of their owne callings, are neuerthelesse very readie to talke of and enquire into the state and liues of other men [sic]: and it is meat and drinke vnto them. Let a good report be giuen out of a man [sic], it is not regarded, but euil reports are taken vp at the first rebound: they run like wildfire, and all this ariseth from vaine curiositie, which is here condemned as the bane of all societies. These busie-bodies are like to such as read bookes, with intent only to spie out the faults thereof: and they are like to the spider, that creepes ouer all the garden onely to gather poison. But men [sic] that feare God must learne to knowe their owne businesse, and to suffer their talke and meditation to be imployed that way." -- A Treatise On Callings, 1612.