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Monday, December 13, 2004

Them Anatomies - I Hope You're Feeling Fine EP

I'm posting my Them Anatomies Recordings in reverse chronology. If you look at the links to the right, you'll see that I have added a spot for permalinks to the various track lists. I'll update it as I fill out the list.

The EP was recorded in Raleigh, Iowa City, and Chattanooga. The slickest production tracks had help from Charles, but all of it is "home-taped."

Here's the track list...all songs 256K VBR:

1. I Don't Miss Her (2:51)
2. Chicago (1:55)
3. Carboat Trip (2:41)
4. I Hope You're Feeling Fine (2:08)
5. Country Serotonin I (:55)
6. Stop Wanting (2:08)
7. Station 451 (1:50)